Plumbing the Depths, Item #31257620: Desjardins to Lightning, Tokarski to Montreal

by Jacob Saltiel

Nice colours.

Late last week, the Canadiens made a minor move, trading Cedrick Desjardins to Tampa Bay for Dustin Tokarski.

So what?

Desjardins has been a very good goalie at the AHL level, he’s 27, only 6″0, and judging by the transactions tug-of-war between Tampa Bay and Montreal over his rights, Guy Boucher has a huge crush on him. He’s got sensational numbers at the AHL level, but has very little NHL experience. Might he be good? Well, Boucher seems to get the most out of the players he has on hand, so if he’s going to show anything, Tampa Bay is the place to do it.

Dustin Tokarski is the second Lightning goaltender traded to Montreal for Desjardins in 3 years, and he can hardly be less valuable than Karri Ramo. Speaking of which, has anyone seen Karri Ramo? Does anyone know where he is?

Tokarski’s most distinguishing accomplishment is the gold medal he won at the WJC’s with Canada in 2009. Since then, he’s quietly worked in the minors, improving his game. While it’s hard to extrapolate much from his minor-league numbers, it is curious that Yzerman was keen to give up on a still youngish goalie (23 years old) in exchange for Desjardins. He’s actually played 5 more NHL games in his career than Desjardins, but those games shouldn’t make up too many lines on his CV. This might be because he’s been called up to play on defensively-neglectful Lightning teams over the past couple of years.

Tokarski, like Desjardins, is also not very big at 5″11. Given a couple of years maybe he turns into a backup for Price once Budaj leaves, but to expect more than that might be silly.


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